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Bun Nets

Bun nets
£6.10 incl tax

Canvas Tote Bag

Canvas tote bag with drawstring inner.
£5.00 incl tax £20.00 incl tax

Comfort Skin Toe Pad

Soft and supple toe pads which help to reduce impact, shock and pressure.
£20.00 incl tax

Dance Holdall

Dance holdall with end pockets, outside pockets and inside pockets.
£8.00 incl tax £25.00 incl tax

Digital Cap Ribbed

Protects against pressure and friction and reduces discomfort caused by corns, abrasions and ingrown nails.
£8.10 incl tax

Extra-Large Bowling Bag

With Freed of London branded flag tags
£5.00 incl tax £25.00 incl tax

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