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Gel Metatarsal Protector

Helps reduce pressure and absorb shock and impact on the toes and metatarsals.
£6.75 incl tax £7.50 incl tax


2" thick polycotton headband
£2.70 incl tax

Knee Pads

Rucanor knee pads.
£18.70 incl tax

Messenger bag

Messenger bag with Freed of London logo
£7.20 incl tax £8.00 incl tax

Nylon Lycra Headband

Nylon lycra headband. Available in a variety of colours.
£2.60 incl tax

Pointe Shoe Ribbon

Pre-cut ½" nylon ribbon for pointe shoes. Available in Ballet Pink, Ballet Bronze and Ballet Brown
£3.78 incl tax £4.20 incl tax

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