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Shoe Accessories

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Comfort Skin Toe Pad

Soft toe pads which help to reduce impact, shock and pressure.
£22.20 incl tax

Gel Metatarsal Protector

Helps reduce pressure and absorb shock and impact on the toes and metatarsals.
£8.10 incl tax

Pure Gel Heel Grip

Cushions and absorbs shock and provides relief from sensitive abrasions on the heel of the foot.
£4.50 incl tax

Toe Separator

Comforting gel toe separators help to align overlapping toes to reduce pressure and friction
£4.50 incl tax

Toe Spreader

Straightens problem toes and relieves pain from corns, overlapping toes, nail problems and bunions.
£5.10 incl tax

Tubular Gel Pads

Provides superior protection for sensitive toes insulating toes against shock and pressure
£9.90 incl tax