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Digital Cap Ribbed

Protects against pressure and friction and reduces discomfort caused by corns, abrasions and ingrown nails.
£8.10 incl tax

Pointe Shoe Ribbon - Stretch

Pre-cut stretch ribbon for pointe shoes.
£5.15 incl tax

Pointe Shoe Ribbon

Pre-cut ½" nylon ribbon for pointe shoes. Available in Ballet Pink, Ballet Bronze and Ballet Brown
£4.20 incl tax

Toe Pads

Fleece toe pads for pointe ballet work.
£6.50 incl tax

Lamb's Wool

Traditionally used for cushioning pointe shoes as an alternative to toe pads.
£10.00 incl tax

Suede Cap

Suede Caps for pointe shoes
£3.70 incl tax

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