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Evgeniya Ballroom Shoe

Evgeniya is a scalloped court shoe, designed with Evgeniya Shaw. This elegant shoe has a beautiful low cut in the back quarter.
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Satin Suede Sole 2½" Shaped Heel Made in England

Satin Suede Sole 2½" Shaped Heel Made in England

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Tempo is a latin neoprene and leather shoe. Neoprene allows movement and flexibility in the arch of the foot.
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Nylon rucksack with Freed Logo
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Foot Straps

4 Pairs of clear foot straps for ballroom shoes.
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Tomas One

A split sole patent shoe designed in collaboration with professional ballroom dancer Tomas Mielnicki that features a neoprene panel and overlapping sole on the inner part of the shoe.
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